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Thanks… for taking a moment to find out a little more about Custom Klean Corp.  We appreciate your interest in our fine line of Kleanline® equipment and accessories.   We offer a complete line of high performance pressure washers, steam cleaners, water heaters, steam generators, systems, and will even custom build a machine to completely meet your specifications.

Who Are We?   Custom Klean Corp. is located on 10 acres of beautiful countryside, in a 28,000 square foot facility, approximately 2.5 miles northwest of Holland Patent, New York.  We have been manufacturing quality cleaning equipment along with our high efficiency, on-demand, coil type water heaters and steam generators, since 1952.  And, even though we offer standard Kleanline® machines, available in 86 different models, from 2 to 200 gpm and 60 to 6000 psi, our real strength lies in our ability to custom engineer and design pressure cleaning systems to whatever unusual requirements your application may call for.  Our name tells our strength, whether it is a small hand held carry-about or a large in-plant cleaning system, we will build to suit your custom application.

Why Choose Us?  VALUE – That’s Why!  We  offer you ruggedly built, bulldozer tough pressure washers, in 86 different sizes and at competitive prices.  We use the best components and the heaviest steel frames and coils to insure your Kleanline® machine will still be serving your needs 5, 10 even 20 years down the road.  CAPABILITY – That’s Why!   We are unique in our industry, we will custom build a machine or a system to suit your needs – whatever they may be.   Need waterproof or explosion proof wiring?  Or truck/trailer mounted equipment?  Or washers with a diesel engine driven vacuum clean up wand?  How about production alloy steel bar washers?  Or a 24 station in-plant cleaning system with two 50 HP electric motors providing the power?  Or airplane deicing systems, tunnel washers, railroad car steam heating system – industrial cleaning and heating solutions are our forte.   EXPERIENCE – That’s Why!  We’ve been building quality cleaning and water/steam heating equipment since 1952.  We offer over 150 years of combined technical expertise which we use to solve all your custom cleaning problems.

Thank you for your interest in Kleanline® equipment.  We stand ready to offer solutions to your cleaning and water/steam heating problems.  Please contact us with your specific requirements in any of the following ways:

Custom Klean Corporation
8890 Boak Road
Holland Patent, New York 13354

Fax:  315-865-8794
Toll Free:  1-877-KLEANLINE
E-Mail:  info@kleanline.com

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