Frequently Asked Questions
1.    Do you sell parts and accessories for brands other than Kleanline?       

Yes.  The service center located here at the factory stocks an extensive inventory of replacement parts and accessories, not just for our Kleanline brand but also for most other major brands too.  Since we buy directly from the manufacturers in most cases, our prices are extremely competitive.  We can often save you money over other sites.


2.    Do you service brands other than Kleanline?

Absolutely.  You can bring in or ship your machine to our service center here at the factory.  Our repair technicians have many years experience diagnosing problems and performing required repairs, not only to our Kleanline brand but also to most other brands as well.  In fact, we are an authorized repair center for many competitive brands.


3.    Do you repair anything other than pressure washers?

As a matter of fact, we do.  We also repair most types of water pumps, air compressors, electric standby generators, salamanders and other industrial equipment in our service center here at the factory.


4.    My heating coil leaks.  Can it be repaired?

Sometimes, yes.  If you ship or bring in your coil to us, we will pressure test it and advise you of it's condition and cost to repair it.  Many times you can save significant money by having us repair your coil instead of replacing it.


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